Route: Keystone Trail (NE)

Submitted by Darci Smith on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 07:42pm
Nebraska, US
19.3 mi
Vertical Gain
496 m

They Keystone trail runs through the heart off Omaha. This trail is an out and back at 19.3 miles and 495 feet of elevation gain. 

The trail follows the Little Papillion Creek from 88th and Forth Streets to Cornhusker Highway connecting to the Bellevue Loop Trail. 

Trail users will encounter industrial, parks, and residential areas of town. This route is all pavement and well marked. 

GPS Track


I enjoyed this route along the Papillion Creek! I was in town as part of a long road trip and decided to give it a go. I ran / walked really easy keeping my HR in my Zone 1, so it'll be very easy to beat this time. I'm already planning another road trip and will try to fit this in again, and run it much faster next time. Lots of others on the paved concrete trail. Runners, walkers, cyclists.  

Heads up, one of the bridges over Papillion Creek has been removed and replaced with a new bridge about 100 yards to the south, so the exact GPS route can no longer be followed. The route should not be traversing grass, so as long as you stay on concrete you'll find the right bridge to cross the creek.

All the March construction in multiple places on this route has been finished so the path is free and clear the entire way.