Route: Liberty Water Gap Trail (NJ)

Submitted by Keilynn on Mon, 09/06/2021 - 07:27pm
New Jersey, US
146.6 mi
Vertical Gain
5,178 m

A New Jersey traverse route

This route traverses the entire state of New Jersey connecting two national landmarks, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the southernmost tip of the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. The history of this trail includes the original home of the Lenni-Lenape Indians, who developed extensive trails in what are now Brookdale, Yantecaw and Branch Brook Parks. This traverse begins in the very urban neighborhoods of Jersey City and Newark to the more country sections of Mendham and Chester. The original designer of the Liberty Water Gap is Al Kent

Directions: The route travels from East to West. The Liberty Water Gap Trail starts at the Hudson Riverfront Walkway in Liberty State Park and connects to the East Coast Greenway in Hudson County, to the Lenape Trail in Essex County, to the Patriots Path in Morris County, to the Sussex Branch Trail in Sussex County, to the Paulinskill Valley Trail in Warren County, to the Portland Columbia Pedestrian Bridge.

The route can be completed western bound or eastern bound. The gpx file is the eastern bound route.

Website links:

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What's up guys. I plan on taking a swing at this route self-supported starting this Saturday 5/28. Figured memorial day weekend would be a good opportunity to go for it with the 3-day weekend. I'll be tracking using my Coros Vertix watch and will publish on Strava as well. Cheers!

Sketchy weather on the east coast this weekend has unfortunately made me bail on this attempt before it even began. Next opportunity I get I'll be going for it!

That’s pretty cool that you’re gonna go for it. It caught my eye but I’m not that familiar with NJ. What research have you done? I was worried about trying to go through areas that are technically closed at night.

Great question. I researched it back in May but haven't touched on it since, and don't remember much... I FKT'ed (first known time) the Lenape Trail out n back which is a relatively long section of the trail (took me over a day) so I may have been walking through areas I shouldn't have been during... that's the tough logistical thing about longer efforts that pass through public parks. Are you thinking of going for it?

I was thinking either this or the Great Allegheny Passage would be fun for 2023. If you go for this, I’d be up for pacing you and helping out on some sections. 

Hello, I just submitted my FKT of the Liberty Water Gap Trail and did it this past weekend. Did it in 47hrs and 41 minutes. This can be easily worked on but ran into a few road bumps. Looking forward to seeing who breaks it. Reach out for any advice or questions. 

Sadly due to incomplete data, it's not looking like an FKT. I only used my SPOT device to track me and when trying to upload the GPX file, the information is incomplete. Still a fun journey. Guess I should of also used my Garmin and/or Strava.