Route: Lone Pine Peak (Full Northeast + North Ridge 5.6)

Submitted by Travis.Soares on Thu, 04/07/2022 - 11:39am
California, US
8.6 mi
Vertical Gain
7,300 ft

This route is an ultra classic linkup of the north east and north ridge of Lone Pine Peak. Either ridge by itself is usually a full day for most climbers, so the linkup makes for an epic adventure! The ridges both begin at the valley floor within a short distance of one another and rise perfectly to the summit of Lone Pine. The loop is as aesthetic as a ridgeline can get!

Not only is the linkup beautiful, but it boasts sustained 4th/5th class terrain for all but a twoish miles of the entire ridge! Thats fiveish miles of technical climbing on good quality granite! And with clever route finding, the ridge is graded at 5.6. This is truly the ridge runners dream ridge linkup! The lower half of the north ridge is not the best quality rock but the rest 3/4 of the route is as good as it gets, so don't be discouraged.

Disclaimer: This is not a recommended route for anyone without rock climbing experience. To move safely and efficiently one must be comfortable free soloing 5th class terrain for many hours/miles. I would also recommend researching the route beforehand.

The route begins and ends at a wooden bench located at the base of the northeast ridge. The climber should stay as ridge proper as possible for integrity of the route, and usually this is the only possible option anyway. Either ascend the NE ridge to the summit and downclimb the N, or do the opposite. I am not sure which is more efficient although I am very curious to find out.

Get after it, stay safe, and have fun!