Route: Lower Grand Gulch, Collins Spring to the San Juan River (UT)

Utah, US
34.7 mi

Mike Wagner posted this adventurous out & back route:

Lower Grand Gulch - Collins Spring to the San Juan River. ~32.1 miles, ~+7,301', 8h 7m elapsed time.

Mission accomplished! Though not a perfect effort. I got lost twice (as seen on Strava). I didn't drink nearly enough water. The route through the canyon is vague to non-existent.  Quicksand, cactus, crypto, strong winds, constant route finding, and when I started it was 35 degrees but when I finished it was 85 degrees.

In my opinion, this was one helluva effort. If I could hope for one outcome from this experience it's that someone else takes on the Lower Grand Gulch. It's a true southwest challenge. Not for the faint of heart or unprepared. 

Strave Results HERE: 

Adventure Video HERE:

(Note that Mike shortcut the route some when he got lost and exited the canyon proper.  The route seems to be closer to 42 miles.)

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