Route: Midland Tops Round (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Andypye on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 02:19pm
United Kingdom
25.7 km
Vertical Gain
2,700 ft

The challenge is designed to take in all the tops between the Lickey Hills and Clent, following check points along the way.  The majority is on bridleways and paths, some road, and plenty of hills.  For the fitter its runnable but will be a fitting challenge for all.


The Route

The start and finish point is the Lickey Hills visitor centre and the check points must be visited in order but take your own route to each one.  Please stay off private land and around Calcot Farm, stick to the paths.


Start: - Lickey Hills Visitor centre SO 9979, 7537

CP1: - Monument SO 9922, 7518

CP2: - Waseley Hill SO 9723, 7789 (viewpoint)

CP3: - Romsley Hill SO 9595, 7866 (on the road, next to water tower)

CP4: - Calcot Hill (path junc) SO 9448, 7857

CP5: - Walton Hill SO 9427, 7978

CP6: - Four Stones SO 9337, 8032

CP7: - Walton Farm (corner of wood) SO 9363, 7873

CP8: - Calcot Farm (stay on the path) SO 9440, 7835

CP9: - Chapmans Hill Farm SO 9666, 7787

CP10: - Beacon Wood (Gate) SO 9748, 7584

CP11: - Beacon Hill (trig point) SO 9891, 7604

CP12: - Rednal Hill SO 9968, 7615 (the square concrete)

CP13: - Bilberry Hill SO 9987, 7543

CP14: - Cofton Hill SP 0003, 7507 (flagpole/info board)

Finish: - Visitor Centre SO 9979, 7537


Approx 25km/16 mile, 864m/2800ft