Route: Mountain Streams (PA)

Submitted by Aaron Keckley on Wed, 06/16/2021 - 03:27am
Pennsylvania, US
17.77 mi
Vertical Gain
2,290 ft

The Mountain Streams Trail System area contains a mixture of hardwood forest, with old farm fields reverting to forest.  Most of the headwaters to Indian Creek are contained within this tract.  Remnants from old railroad grades including the Indian Creek Valley Railroad and Blair Brothers Railroad can be found in the area.  The Blair Brothers line ran in from the small village of Kregar into the mountain, and was used to service the old Piper and Blair Brothers coal mines, as well as the Blair Lumber Company.  Remnants of old Tram road grades are also scattered throughout the area.  These roads were used to haul logs from the forest by horse-drawn railroad cars and small locomotives.

From Route 31 parking lot you start on Pike Run Trail also known as the Jeff Barr Memorial Trail.  It is roughly 1.5 miles in length and stretches between Route 31 and Camp Run Road, following and old Indian Creek Valley Railroad spur. It starts off with flat easy single track that descends into the wide gravel railroad spur portion.

Pike Run Trail will terminate onto a wide old gravel railroad spur and convert to the Mountain Streams Trail. This Trail is approximately 7.7 miles in length and stretches from Camp Run Road to Tunnel Road.  It follows parts of the old Blair Brothers Railroad grade, and contains all the climbing and vertical gain.  The first portion has multiple stream crossings over nice bridges and then widens out onto gravel paths. Some sections on the wider gravel railroad spur are covered in tall dense grass, so be mindful of snakes. This portion of the trail has multiple intersections and places where a wrong turn can easily be made, so pay attention.  The trails have limited blazing.  They do have a trail map drop box at the Route 31 parking lot. Take one and use it to assist you in navigating the tricky parts. The last portion of the Mountain Streams Trail has all the climbing and can be technical in some places from water erosion.

Overall this is a nice gem of a trail with an assortment of grades and terrain.  It is not well known and the traffic on the trail system is low. Watch out though, there were piles of horse droppings on some sections that you will want to dodge.

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