Route: Mt Abraham on Battell Trail (VT)

Submitted by Corey Perkins Time on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 09:59am
Vermont, US
6.13 mi
Vertical Gain
2,462 m

This route take you 2 miles up the Battell Trail where it meets the Long Trail. At the LT intersection, stay straight and continue north for 1 more mile on the LT, where you’ll find the summit of Mount Abraham, the fifth tallest peak in VT. 
This peak is part of the VT5, the NE67, and the NE111.

GPS Track


I may be screaming into the void here a bit, but mid-April is high mud season in VT and might not be the best time to promote FKT runs on these mountains. Volunteer trail adopters and professional crews will clean up the eroded messes later. Carry on!

Robert, while I couldn’t agree with you anymore, this trail hadn’t quite fallen under the “closed for mud season” yet. I have been staying off almost every other trail I usually hike.
Per GMC and Trailfinder, which is also listed on GMCs website to help find mud season safe trails, the trail is still “open” and safe. I believe it’s still currently open as of now. 
I was up there 2 days earlier doing trail maintenance and a summit sign replacement for the GMC, who also knew and was ok with me being up there. They supplied both the tools and the sign. So they knew very well I was headed up there. The trail was surprisingly very dry until I was met by snow half way up. After realizing the trail conditions, I decided to attempt an fkt before the trails turned to our beloved Vermud. 

While I very well know it’s that iffy time of year, and I’m by no means recommending anyone to try to break this currently. I saw my opportunity and took it.