Route: Ozark Trail - Eleven Point Section (MO)

Missouri, US
47 km
Vertical Gain
1,150 m

This is a section of the larger Ozark Trail.  It leaves the 3152 trailhead, winding along the side slopes to Hurricane Creek. The crossing may be unsafe to use during high water periods. The first 10 miles pass through very rugged slopes and hollows associated with the Eleven Point National Scenic River. Several fine views of the Eleven Point valley are present. From the Greer Recreation area, at mile 10, the trail parallels the Eleven Point River on its way to McCormack Lake. There is a fine picture opportunity at the mouth of Greer Spring and an excellent bluff view of the river near mile 12. A spur leads to McCormack Lake at mile 13. Continuing west, the trail winds through the rugged Eleven Point terrain and offers two more contacts with the river. Near mile 20, the trail passes next to Bockman Spring, which is part of the Spring Creek drainage. All spring water should be treated before use. The westernmost 10 miles of the trail are in the Spring Creek drainage and offer occasional views of the creek and bottom fields.

27.67 miles; 3,175' elevation gain

- Submitted by Ryan Maher

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