Route: Pacific Crest Trail: Harts Pass to Rainy Pass (WA)

Washington, US
29.8 mi

The iconic run from Harts to Rainy pass takes you through the North Cascades, west of Mazama, in an area known as the "American Alps." It is a 32ish-mile stretch, (50k) of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and follows a ridge that crests dry valleys of larch and pine to the east, and wet mossy forests to the west.
This is often thought of as Washington State’s most dramatic stretch of the PCT including 5 mountain passes that you will cross during the course. Its gained a ton of popularity in the past 10 years turning from a 2-3 day homing route to an 8-10 hour running route mostly traveled by west siders from Seattle. The locals of the methow valley make the pilgrimage every fall for the changing larch, that are abundant in this route.

The route as a Strava segment, but for some reason it terminates slightly short of both THs.  The FKT is TH-to-TH.

This is the next section of the PCT north & east of the Cascade Pass - Rainy Pass section.


Planning to establish a women’s FKT on Wednesday, September 30th 2020, if all goes well. My intention is just to run as fast as I can and if it is fast enough to be an FKT (faster than what I know locals/friends have done plus what I can find online/strava), I will submit my results for a Women’s unsupported FKT.