Route: Peavine Peak (NV)

Nevada, US
7.9 mi
Vertical Gain
2,761 ft

Matt Zupan submitted this:

Peavine is a popular spot for hiking, running, and off-roading in Reno and a natural add to the FKT scene in Reno. Peavine dominates the Reno skyline to the northwest much as Mt. Rose does to the Southwest. Peavine has long been important in local lore as well, as farmers wait to plant their crops until the last of the snow has melted of Peavine's slopes. Peavine has an elevation of 8,269 ft and a prominence of 2186 ft. Green Mountain, right outside Boulder, CO, has very similar stats when compared to Peavine. Green Mountain and Peavine both serve as year round training grounds for longer summer high alpine efforts. I am sure there are many faster people than me who have summited Peavine, but lets get this route on the website so we can work the time down!

The route starts at the white gate at the intersection of Peavine Hills and Robb Dr. There are a couple different ways to go from here to Peavine, and I'd love to know definitively which one is fastest. For the FKT effort, a branched off to the left immediately following a use trail into the trees along a creek. From here you continue straight until the first major fork in the trail, when you stay right into a canyon that eventually dumps you out onto a plateau. Staying left here also works and takes you to the same plateau. At the plateau you followPpeavine road to the left as it snakes around and up to the Peavine Summit.

GPS Track
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Definitely not the fastest line. Instead of running up the service road, the ridge line on the north side is optimal and has been the unofficial route for most locals for several years. On Strava it is the Chalk it Up segment with a time of 43:30 by Jeff Spicoli.

I completely agree. But if we are talking about the same ridge it’s currently covered in snow! So I stuck to the road since it’s February. I just wanted to get this route on the site because Peavine seems like an iconic peak to me. Definitely did NOT  mean to offend all those who have done it faster, just wanted the route up here!

No worries man! The mountain is literally my backyard and this route has been a staple in my training for years. I was a bit surprised to see it on here but thanks for posting it!