Route: Pine Ridge Trail (NE)

Nebraska, US
17.5 mi
Vertical Gain
2,265 ft

A point to point route starting at the West Ash Trailhead and ending at Coffee Butte Trailhead. The route crosses much of the Pine Ridge in the Nebraska National Forest in the northwestern corner of Nebraska near Crawford and Chadron. This route is marked by wood poles as it goes up and down bluffs while crossing canyons. This is the longest trail in the Nebraska National Forest. This is an important trail in the Pine Ridge National Recreation Area.  This 17.5 mile section of the Pine Ridge Trail is disconnected from the rest of the trail.  The middle section is on private property.  While the Forest Service says it is a single trail, no maps have it combined.  

This is the best reference for the trail:

GPS Track



I am thinking about giving this route a go next week. Does anyone know if there are any reliable water sources along the route?

There are some cattle tanks and small creeks.  We have only been in the early spring, so are unsure how it looks during the summer.