Route: Punta Altacroce via Hochegg (Italy)

Submitted by Wout Mentens on Thu, 09/14/2023 - 08:48am
Trento, IT
12.2 km
Vertical Gain
1,190 m

The route starts and ends at a lovely alm called “ Morx Puite“ where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks.  

The first kilometer of the ascend is on a winding asphalt road which passes the last houses of the village. Shortly after you passed the last house there is a single track that leads you through the beautiful trees covering the mountain. 

While you keep tackling elevation gain you notice less trees and out of a sudden you are passing a meadow full of cows, look up and you will notice the “Egger – Grub – Alm”. The route passes the alm and the garden of the alm is the only level surface of the trail.  

Next up is the “Hoch-Alm”, from here on it is over with shade from trees. I took route 14, which is the high route, because it is the steepest way towards the top and more technical than route 15. Once you pass “Hoch-Alm” the technical part of the trail begins. Route 14 is a rocky single-track towards the intersection with route 15. From here on the technical final climb towards the top starts. There are some parts where the use of cables is recommend, especially when the rocks are wet!  

When you finally reach the top it is time to enjoy the great 360 view of mountain tops, glaciers and dolomite peaks. 

The first part of the descent is challenging to do at high speed, so be careful and use the provided cables. Once at the intersection of route 15 and 14 I took route 15 towards “Hoch-Alm”because it is less technical and more easygoing therefore I could be faster. Once you reach the alm it is a nice descend the same way you came up.  

All there is next is to refresh and refuel at the alm at the finish.


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