Route: Red Rock Quad, Red Rocks NCA (NV)

Nevada, US
32.5 mi

Submitted by Chris Gorney:

This route links up the 4 highest sandstone peaks in Red Rock Canyon, from south to north, Mount Wilson, Rainbow Mountain, Bridge Mountain, and North Sandstone Peak. There is no standard route established for this as a lot of it is off trail and technical scrambling. I chose to start and finish at the exit parking lot for the Scenic Loop Drive through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. I ran south and into First Creek Canyon and took the south ridge up to the Summit of Mount Wilson. Then I used the Limestone Spine which is a ridge line to the west of the Red Rock Sandstone Escarpment as my commuter. After hitting Wilson, I headed west and gained the Limestone, began heading north, and then headed back to the east when I got perpendicular to Rainbow Mountain. I hit the summit and also hit the summit of Rainbow Wall which is higher in elevation. Then it was west again back to the Limestone Ridge and north to Bridge Mountain. After heading out and tagging Bridge I followed a use trail over to North Sandstone Peak completing the Quad. From there I took the Giant's Mile down to Rocky Gap Road and out to WIllow Springs. From there I ran trail's, SYMC, Dale's, Knoll, and the single track next to the scenic loop drive to the exit completing the loop and the Red Rock Quad.

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