Route: Ridge Rd Out and Back - Mt Holly to Chambersburg to Mt Holly (PA)

Submitted by luke_hcknsmth on Wed, 01/18/2023 - 11:15am
Pennsylvania, US
53.13 mi
Vertical Gain
5,920 ft

The Route will start in Mt Holly Springs, Pa at the Northern end of Ridge Road. It will then travel through Michaux State Forest along Ridge Rd in its entirety south to Black Gap Rd in Fayetteville, PA just outside of Chambersburg. The route will then double back on itself following along the same path but heading north towards the start in Mt Holly. The entire route is roughly 53 Miles with nearly 6,000 Ft of elevation gain. The road itself is a loose stone road traveling through the Michaux State Forest, often used as road to reach remote areas for running, biking and hunting. The route starts low along Mountain Creek and climbs its away out and on top of the forested ridge until it lowers back into the southern end of the Cumberland Valley only to return back to the ridge top for the return back and finally descending back into Mt Holly. 


Specifically the start shall be at the bulletin board in the Parking lot of the Mount Holly Marsh Preserve at the beginning of Ridge Rd. Travel South on Ridge Rd for the entire south bound section, touch the double yellow line on Black Gap Rd, before turning around and finishing back at the bulletin board in the parking lot of the Mount Holly Marsh Preserve Parking lot.




On Sunday Jan 22, 2023 I will attempt to run this route. The plan is to leave the parking lot in Mt Holly at 6am, and make it back to the parking lot by dark the same day.

I'll be running with my fellow Meatball Gang member Brett Wiley Coyote. We'll have help along the way from other Meatball Gang members, both honorary and legacy. Meatball Wives will be running a rolling crew station. 

Just remember the age old saying, "when times get tough, you probably just need more Meatballs".


This is great!  I think I'm going to have to give this one a go, but I will be starting in Chambersburg and unsupported.