Route: Salmon River - Green Canyon Loop

Submitted by ann wallace on Tue, 05/03/2022 - 09:35am
Oregon, US
16.8 mi
Vertical Gain
4,698 ft

Salmon River - Green Canyon Loop

The Salmon River - Green Canyon Loop has just about everything you want in a PNW trail: lush forests, old growth trees, mountain views, an old fire lookout and an idyllic river. The distance and variety of scenery make this an ideal loop. The Salmon River Trail is very popular, which is why I like to start in this direction before it gets too crowded.  

The Salmon River Trail climbs gradually, about 1100 feet over 6.1 miles to the junction with the Kinzel Lake Trail. You start level with the river, get several great viewpoints of the river and canyon along the way, while being surrounded by old-growth trees.

You turn left at the intersection to continue up Kinzel Lake trail for 2 miles. In late spring and early summer the trail is covered with pink rhododendrons. After 2 miles you hit a junction with Hunchback Mountain trail, where you take a left. You still have 1.6 miles of climbing before you reach the junction with the trail to the Devil’s Peak lookout - the route takes a short detour to tag the lookout tower. 2.4 miles past that junction you will intersect with Green Canyon way.

Take a left on Green Canyon and enjoy a mostly runnable 3.3 miles downhill. The trail ends on Salmon River Road, where you take left and run 0.4 miles to your car to end the route. 



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