Route: SAV - Sentiero Alta Versilia (Italy)

Submitted by offriends on Tue, 06/14/2022 - 03:13am
Lucca, IT
49.9 km
Vertical Gain
2,600 m

The Union of Municipalities of Versilia have created in the territory of Alta Versilia, in the heart of the Apuan Alps, this ring route, of great naturalistic and landscape interest, which connects towns and sites that are also valuable from a historical and artistic point of view. and cultural. We are sure that this publication, which serves as a cartographic basis and which also describes the sections to be traveled, will be favorably received by all.

The ring starts from Piazza Carducci in Seravezza, crosses part of the historic center and runs along Via Monte Altissimo up to Riomagno; from here begins the mule track (Via di Fabiano) that leads to Fabiano and subsequently, after passing the deviation for Azzano at the Archaeological Mines Park, reaches the Monumental Complex of the Chapel; continues for Minazzana and Basati, crosses the

Canale del Giardino, passes through Terrinca and arrives in Levigliani; it continues on the path to Retignano, crosses the quarries of M.Alto and goes towards Volegno and Pruno, from where you go down to the Cardoso ironworks, and then go up again passing through the iron mines on Monte di Stazzema; from here you go to Mulina (directly or with a variant that passes through Pomezzana), to Farnocchia (CAI path n ° 4), to the Foce di Compito, and to Focetta di S. Anna; from here the CAI path n ° 3 leads above Capezzano Monte and Capriglia, from where by roads and stretches of mule track you reach Solaio and then Vallecchia; finally we go to the Pretale bridge, before Seravezza; follow Via dell'Uccelliera and take the last stretch of the mule track that flows just downstream from the Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza. The whole ring has been recently restored and marked by the Union of Municipalities of Versilia and has a development of about fifty km, for the most part on mule tracks, and affects, including the variants, all the main historic villages of the Upper Versilia. On the cartography, in addition to hiking and topographical information, the main historical, environmental and naturalistic themes are reported with special symbols that give this route a particular value as evidence of the numerous cultural aspects of Alta Versilia.