Route: Sörmlandsleden: Björkhagen - Huddinge (Sweden)

Submitted by Madelaine on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 07:30am
67 km
Vertical Gain
598 m

Sörmlandsleden is a system of hiking trails covering a total of approximately 1,000-kilometre (620 mi) of walking paths in Södermanland, south of Stockholm.  The trails pass through several nature reserves, areas of cultural tradition and several historical monuments.  The Sörmlandsleden's paths close to the city are unique in the world in that they have a metro directly to the start of the trail and commuter trains that run from the end of the stage.

This route is between Björkhagen and Huddinge, 69 km. The trail starts in Nacka nature reserve, Sweden's by far the most visited outdoor area. Pretty soon you get a real wilderness feeling when the trail winds its way through dense forest. The trail also goes through Tyresta National Park, a stretch that is hilly and technical with a magical fairytale forest and a real wilderness feeling. The route continues via rocky terrain and fissure valley terrain with rich wildlife. In Paradise nature reserve, there are small lakes surrounded by such beautiful nature that it is a must to stop and enjoy for a short while. There is also a well with a pump where you can get new drinking water. The last section up to the goal in Huddinge goes through three nature reserves with forests, meadows and open pastures in a park-like environment. All in all, you get a very beautiful, pleasant and varied nature experience along the trail.


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