Route: Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway (NH)

New Hampshire, US
76 mi
Vertical Gain
13,100 ft

Nathan Richer posted the route:

The Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway is a 75-miles loop that circumnavigates the Lake Sunapee region, passing through 10 towns, 3 State Parks, many State Forest Wildlife Management Areas, town forest, and hundreds of private property parcels. This amazing system is held together by a dedicated group of volunteers along wit the forward thinking of the many private property owners who graciously allow passage across their land.
Because the trail runs through several downtowns it is a great system for self-supported running treks and a fabulous training ground for long distant trail runners.
In September 2005 I decide to run the entire 75-mile loop and why not? With a runner wife slowed by pregnancy I could gobble up her training miles and recruit her for support. Other gracious recruits were Glen Halleck, PJ Lovely, Aaron Richer, Lori Richer & Erin Lovely, all hardcore athletes in their own rights, as well as my father who set up 3 pit stops for me complete with hot food, lawn chair and a scale. The run was perfect, injury free with splendid weather and only one bear encounter, the only thing missing was a full moon.
I started at 10:00AM in Newbury Harbor and finished up 21 hours and 50 minutes later with hopes of eating a big pasta dinner and the local eatery, but unfortunately it had closed at 8:00PM. So I thanked the small crowed of family and friend that had gathered and folded myself into the car for the drive home.
After completing the run I was interviewed by Jeff Miller, the sports editor for The Argus Champion, who ran an article shortly there after.

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I (Iain Ridgway) had a go at this yesterday, I was about 25 minutes up on Tom's schedule climbing Ragged but had an hour of sickness and canned it after around 47 miles. The route is pretty good right now because of the race. Early season heat took its toll but I'l try again probably next year.

There is bad flooding from a Beaver Dam on Trail 4, just before route 114.. At the moment this can be waded across but this may cause significant issues for that section of the route in future.

Years of racing and working this trail network have led to the FKT effort we will attempt on Friday, July 24th.  Tony Bargardo competed here when it was known at the Emerald Necklace 3-day Stage Race. I have run this course as the Ragged 75 Stage Race.  Both of us have contributed countless hours to trail maintenance, sweeping and race volunteerism over the years.  This trail truly holds a special place in our hearts.  Our effort will be to put down a time for the supported woman and the mixed gender team.  The effort will begin around 5:00 AM.  No goal time has been set.  We will have a crew meeting us along the way to provide support to this effort.  To date, there are no women's times or mixed gender team times.  We can't wait to get out there!