Route: Triple Bearpass

Submitted by Jeremy Jiminez on Fri, 04/21/2023 - 02:34pm
Colorado, US
20.9 mi
Vertical Gain
7,700 ft

Being one of the most popular peaks in Boulder, Bear Peak's steep North Ridge dominates the skyline from nearly every angle. The standard route up Bear climbs roughly 2,700' and departs from Cragmoor and ascends the North Ridge via Fern Canyon. An alternate approach takes you up Bear Canyon, a gradual climb, to the steep West Ridge; and the final option is gaining the summit via Shadow Canyon. Each of these routes have their quirks, but nobody has combined the 3, and in an effort to create a new and fun route in Boulder, the Triple Bearpass was created. Note: you must tag the metal USGS marker on the true summit.

The Triple Bearpass loops each of these routes together, gaining Bear Peak's summit 3 times, while ascending and descending each of the canyons with no out and backs, starting from the Cragmoor TH. This route gives the athlete flexibility in which canyon to go after first, and which to go after last. As with many Boulder routes, it is steep, it is loose, it's technical, and it's a great time. 

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