Route: Untersee Umrundung (Germany, Switzerland)

74 km
Vertical Gain
400 m

The route around the lower lake of Lake Constance takes you 72,5km through Switzerland and Germany starting on the bike-bridge in Konstanz, passing through Stein am Rhein and Radolfzell to end once again in Konstanz.
It's mostly run on bike-paths with a couple of kilometer run along roads. At its core the route always stays as close to the water as possible with a couple of exceptions in order to keep it from becoming overly twisty. It also runs all along the coast of the "Höri" peninsula, not taking the shortcut over the hill a little further inland.
As such, mandatory passing points for the route are the bike-bridge in Konstanz, Stein am Rhein, the village "Horn" as well as Radolfzell followed once again by the bike-bridge in Konstanz.