Route: West Mountain (UT)

Utah, US
14.6 km
Vertical Gain
938 m

From Summit Post ( The South Summit, at 6,904 ft, is located near the south end of the mountain and contains a survey marker which officially names the peak West Mountain 2. There is a triangulation station and shed on the highest peak; nonetheless the peak still has a feeling of remoteness and solitude. In contrast the 6,804 feet North Summit at the other end of the mountain, is littered with several antennas and various other communication devices. This mountain takes on more significance when one realizes that it comes in at number 74 on the Utah's Top 100 Prominence List with 2,134 ft of prominence (in the United States 2000 feet (610 m) of prominence has become an informal threshold that signifies that a peak has major stature). This northbound ascent, from the base of the South Summit to the North Peak, begins in Payson, Utah. The route distance is 9.1 miles, roundtrip (from parking lot at the base of the mountain to the north summit and back).

-submitted by Laura Parson

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