Route: Wiilman Bilya Trail

Submitted by logantaranaki on Wed, 04/19/2023 - 07:12pm
Western Australia, AU
86 km
Vertical Gain
1,500 m

Starting at Collie, WA Information visitors centre to the Soldiers Park, running anti clockwise around trail. 

First 10km is on shared use path and meanders around the river edge. From there it goes into single trail sections which are quite bushy and in places overgrown at the time of doing this. There are sections in places of firebreak 4wd roads in open forest which are peaceful and rolling with the odd hill. 

There are a number of shelters or huts along the trail with rain tank water and picnic tables some have great views. 

After crossing the dam wall there is a steep climb up and then some great single trail sections out towards the northern point of the trail. The last 10km ish is more shared use path and a bit of an anti climax, although still scenic. This section can be fast if your legs are fresh. 

Enjoy the adventure. 

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