Article: FKTOY is baaaack!

By Buzz Burrell on Fri, 12/17/2021 - 09:02pm

This is the 6th annual Fastest Known Time Of the Year award!  The FKTOY goes not to the fastest runner; that would be boring. Instead it celebrates the best efforts on the coolest routes.  So we all get to learn about the people and the places that inspire us.  This is not about a number … it’s the story.

And this year will be worldwide!  Yes, instead of separate North American and European awards, since we’re all part of the same planet, Nominations, Voting, and Awards will be from all over the world. FKTs are certainly world wide, so this is how it should be.


  1. We compile a Nominations List, using suggestions from our esteemed Regional Editors.
  2. This list is edited down to manageable size, with important information included.
  3. Next week we publish the Nominations List on this website, and let you all see and comment on it.
  4. Stay tuned, because if we’ve missed something, you can tell us!
  5. The List is sent to experienced Voters, representing all geographic areas, genders, and ages.
  6. They vote of what amazed and impressed them!
  7. It's a blind vote, it’s democracy in action, and the most votes wins, using an entirely fair and objective process.
  8. New this year, is we will be awarding the Top Ten (instead of Five), Female and Male separately.

Whew - we approved 3,606 FKTs this year!  And for the purposes of this FKTOY, the year will end on December 25.

The Top Ten are not awarded huge cash prizes. Sorry about that (or not sorry) - instead, the 20 winners earn the respect of their peers.  Plus a little fame: many will be on the podcast, a press release will be issued, the results are on social media, and Ultrarunning Magazine publishes an article in their February issue.

The FKTOY builds our community and is really fun!

FKTs are now a standard part of the sport.  They are reported just like race results.  Which ones will be chosen as the best?

Karl Egloff

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“FKTs never crossed my mind until this past August. It’s since redefined my imagination, which has been exciting. I really appreciate the FKT site, with the relatively non-branded demeanor and corresponding community it frames, encouraging ample creativity.” - David Ayala