Route: High Country Pathway (MI)

Michigan, US
75.9 mi

The High Country Pathway is a 70+ mile trail system that runs through the heart of Pigeon River Country in Montmorency and Otsego Counties.  It is designed to provide the more enthusiastic backpacker and mountain biker with about one week of high quality outdoor adventure. The pathway connects to and is accessible by Jackson Lake State Forest Campground, Pigeon River Bridge State Forest Campground, Pine Grove State Forest Campground, Round Lake State Forest Campground, Shoepac Lake State Forest Campground, Tomahawk Creek Flooding State Forest Campground, and Town Corner Lake State Forest Campground.

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Allison Kallo and I will be doing this route unsupported starting pre-dawn August 29th.

The route is massively overgrown in places and basically turns into a bushwack. When we hit the meadows full of chest high berry bushes, type 2 fun slid into 3 and we bailed. We started at Pigeon Bridge TH and went counter clockwise, turning around after ~15mi or so. 

Bummer to hear the trail was so bad you had to bail. Thanks for this update!

Thinking about going for this FKT some weekend in June. Did you guys ever have to filter water? Or were you able to swing by campgrounds on the way enough to re-fill? Thanks for any info you're willing to share! I appreciate it!