Route: PA Appalachian Trail (PA)

Submitted by Bernie on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 03:22pm
Pennsylvania, US
230 mi
Vertical Gain
31,000 ft

Pennsylvania is one of the largest states on the Appalachian Trail in terms of miles.  It is known for being flat but still has almost 31,000' of elevation gain. The northern 150 miles gives the state its "Rockslyvania" name and will challenge you mentally.  The southern 80 miles is fun trail.  There are many beautiful vistas along the way, especially of the Cumberland Valley.

Start/Finish in the north is NJ/PA line marked by painted sign on sidewalk in the middle of bridge.  Start/Finish in the south is MD/PA line marked by a wooden sign.


GPS Track
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I'll be attempting to establish a women's unsupported time later this week when the weather improves.

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Woohoo! The PA AT unsupported FKT attempt has been on my mind for a few years, and I have the spreadsheets to prove it. 😂😂

Way to GO FOR IT! Enjoy your time out there on and off the good ol’ PA rocks, and set the bar high!!

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I’ll be heading out on the PA Appalachian Trail this Wednesday 2/7/24 (mid day) to go for the Unsupported FKT. I’ll be moving SOBO and will be sharing progress to my Instagram stories on my (jordangetsoutside) account.

Cal set an impressive time that will be incredibly hard to beat!

I made it 115 miles in 57 hours 45 minutes before calling the attempt due to multiple injuries.  I had also snapped a pole 20 miles in on day 1 which caused me problems.