Podcast: Episode 113: How Do You Set An FKT?


Simple question?  Let's hear answers from 3 people who should know:

  • Peter Bakwin - Co-Founder; 26 FKTs (9th overall)
  • Marcy Beard - 32 FKTs (4th overall)
  • Jason Hardrath - 82 FKTs (going for 100!)


  1. The route resonates with you - personal expression.
  2. Do the homework - practice on it
  3. If it's a new route, convince us why others will want to do it
  4. Consider what might go wrong - then be flexible when something else does

"Training is the fun part."


  • Select the route - using the FKT website for distance, vert, difficulty
  • Is the route cool - is it something that calls to me?
  • Study and bring maps - get every detail right in advance, including scouting
  • Lifestyle - move our home to where we want to be, and go for the FKT when the time and weather are optimal

"The Garmin Mini is great - it pairs with my phone so I can send texts from anywhere."


  1. Do the research
  2. Should be a route that is attractive for others; not just something nobody has done yet
  3. Should fit your skill-set and aptitude
  4. Commit to it, and respect what it requires

"You want a route that demands respect; not a route that you can just show up, and nothing bad can happen."



Full CV

Peter Bakwin

  • Age: 58
  • Residence:  Boulder, CO
  • Occupation:  Former Atmospheric Physicist; Fastest Known Time Co-Founder and head curator
  • Family:  Stephanie Ehret wife; cat Nellie
  • Sport Highlights - - - 
    • I still have the FKT on the White Rim ... WTF!?
    • (And one month to go for the unprecedented Flatiron Classics Grid: all 53 classic routes climbed every month)
  • Social Media - - - None, except ...
    • FastestKnownTime.com
  • Podcast Episodes:  #100; #65; #46; #28; #15; #11

Marcy Beard

  • Age: 51
  • Residence: Nomadic, currently in Flagstaff for the winter
  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Family: Husband/teammate John
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Ultra runner (Hardrock, 14 100 milers)
    • Adventure racer (Eco-Challenge Borneo, other expedition and shorter races)
    • Occasional FKT runner :-)
  • Social Media - - - 
  • Podcast #45

Jason Hardrath

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