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Category: Person-Person

Dave is old school: extremely nice and will never talk about himself ... but don't enter a race that he is in, because you will probably get beat by a guy with one leg.  How would you feel about that?  (He feels fine about it.)

Category: Person-Person

Co-Host Hillary Allen asks Jason the obvious question, "Why go for 100 FKTs?"

"It's been a wild journey; in the works for two, going on three years. I had a wild 2020; I did 60 FKTs last year."

"The game gets harder the more you play it. I had to learn new skills, get more creative, become better."

How do you find the time to do all this?

"If you know Ironman training, you know I was used a lifestyle of constant movement."

Category: Person-Person

Many climbers and hikers visit Indian Creek and the Needles District of Canyonlands NP each year; they run a trail for 10 miles, or climb a few 200 foot routes, then leave, feeling pretty good about their accomplishment.  Heidi has been everywhere on 350,000 acres for 56 years, winter and summer.  She knows every spring, every route, and countless Anasazi petroglyphs you never knew existed.  

Category: Person-Person

Hillary Allen speaks with Kelly Newlon of Real Athlete Diets: "Delicious, performance orientated food for active people"!  On June 1 Timothy Olson will start his attempt on Pacific Crest Trail, and Kelly will be there as part of his crew. For 52 days.  What will that be like?  How can diet support a huge effort like this?

Category: Person-Person

The PCT is one of our 10 Premier Routes for good reasons! It is 2,597 miles long, with 420,880' of vert, passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks ... and is competitive.  

And Timothy has been a top ultrarunner, with two wins at the Western States 100 including a Course Record.  Game on!

Category: Person-Person


This podcast was recorded on April 26; when asked "What is next", Dylan divulges he's going for an (undisclosed) FKT "This coming weekend" ...

But first, Co-Host Hillary Allen asks D-Bo about his FKT on the Wonderland Trail last year.

"I fell into a pandemic funk, too many IPA's, so needed a goal.  We had just moved to Portland Oregon, a couple hours from the Wonderland Trail. I was inspired by Kyle Skaggs, and knew I wanted to do this."

Category: Person-Person

Hillary is a podcast host (this one and two others), North Face athlete, gravel bike racer, scientist, and now a book author - this is a good conversation!

"I don't recommend falling off a 150' cliff, but everyone has a place where they can grow."

Category: Person-Person

Co-Host Hillary Allen discusses bike-packing with two of the best, as they explain the style of these races, which is informative to hikers and runners.

The ethos for all bike-packing races is Self-Supported.

"Generally the consensus is you are carrying your own food and water, you are not caching; the point is you can buy or obtain anything along the route as long as it is available to everyone else.  Trail Magic is OK, but you can't ask for it or plan for it."

Category: Person-Person

The FKT scene in New England has always been very competitive - rather than inventing obscure new route they go faster on the existing lines.  The Presidential Traverse is the marquee route - new fastest times often are better than the previous by less than 2 minutes!

"People now will train specifically for a route, then do a full taper; the FKT is their race, not an extra thing they do on the side."

So why did Ben try the Presi in winter conditions?

Category: Topics

Ryan Ignatz is an expert on electrolyte replacement and hydration, and can perform a Sweat Test to determine the exact amount of Sodium YOU lose when exercising.  Everyone is very different so this is important!  He tested me - what was the result??

"You lose 1,453mg of Sodium per liter of sweat.  You are a very salty sweater."

I rarely supplement my fluid intake with electrolytes. Does that mean I've been doing it wrong for 50 years?  Probably yes!  Aack!

The current wisdom is "Drink to thirst".  Is that good advice?