Route: Alps of Oregon: Matterhorn & Sacajawea (OR)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Sat, 11/10/2018 - 08:00am
Oregon, US
20.3 mi

Submitted by Jason Hardrath:

Well, here you are in the "Alps of Oregon" - as they call them - time to knock out the two highest peaks (and best views) of the whole shebang... 
Start out at Wallowa Lake Trailhead just South of the lake. (You will be looking for directions to the west fork and ice lake) 
- Start blasting up the West Fork Trail 1820 for about 2.7 miles to find the turn off into the Ice lake Trail, it gets harder soon. 
- continue up switchbacks past some awesome waterfalls all the way to Ice Lake (seeing any of these by themselves are worth the trip!) 
- skirt along lake in a counter - clockwise direction until you see the climbers trail for Matterhorn climb this up towards the Matterhorn summit (it can get faint and scramble at points) 
- after making the Matterhorn summit, turn North spotting "Peak 9776" And Sacajawea Peak. 
- at this point you are finding your own route across the sometimes, somewhat airy ridgeline to make the Sacajawea Summit
- feel free to backtrack or make your own path in the scree/sand back down to Ice Lake then just run back down to the trailhead.