Route: Arctic Circle Trail (Greenland)


Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail is often listed as one of the best long-distance hikes in the world. The trail stretches up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the edge of the ice cap to the fishing town of Sisimiut on the West coast.
Depending on fitness levels and the specific route chosen, it can take anywhere between 7-12 days to complete. Spread along the trail are a couple of basic wooden huts for bad weather, but packing a tent is recommended.
Only 300 people hike the trail every year, so while you may run into other hikers, it’s possible to go days without seeing a fellow human. The normal hiking season is from June to August. 

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Status update (if you wondered what's going on with this FKT): I've submitted my Arctic Circle Trail FKT on Sep 1, 2022. As of today (Nov 2, 2022), the submission has neither been accepted nor rejected, despite several inquiries. 


Any update or communications from the FKT team? It seems Outside is really struggling to keep a functioning editor team. Kinda starting to make some of us wonder.

Allison is doing an amazing job trying to hold the helm on socials, email, and newsletter...but she is one human. You could try messaging her on IG though.

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pstkk: Interesting. The article indicates that he did the whole 160km in 2016 in a total of 51 hours (Fri 16:00 - Sun 19:00) with 32 hours of moving time and a 10kg pack. So actually bit faster than Torsten Niecke's subsequent time of 52 hours and 17 minutes (which was for 147km).