Route: Brown Mountain Loop (OR)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Sat, 02/27/2021 - 11:46am
Oregon, US
15.9 mi
Vertical Gain
1,700 ft

The Brown Mountain Loop is a highly prized loop for runners and mountain bikers alike!  Because of the pristine mountain lakes, views of the prominent Mt. Mcloughlin, and striking trails cutting through eroded lava fields, some from around the State of Oregon claim the section of trail between Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake are among their favorite miles of trail anywhere.  Lake of the Woods is a wonderful get away, complete with a resort and cabins

Precedent for Standard Route:

Upon looking at the Map provided by Klamath Trails Alliance one can see that there is a longer loop (20.5 miles) built since mountain bikes cannot use the Pacific Crest Trail using Brown Mountain Trail and High Lakes Trail AND a shorter loop (15.9 miles) using Brown Mountain Trail on the East, Pacific Crest Trail on the West, and High Lakes Trail on the North

Upon doing research with local running groups Rogue Valley Runners and Linkville Lopers, it very much seems that the the "Standard Loop" runners have contested is the 15.9 mile loop utilizing the PCT on the West side of Brown Mountain. This loop also seems to have the aesthetic value of circumnavigating closer to Brown Mountain, and allowing runners a chance to run a section of the PCT.

As this is a loop the prospective FKT attempter may choose to start/finish where ever they see fit, so long as they finish where they start and stay on the correct route. Which direction the loop is run, is also up to the discretion of the prospective attempter. In the past runners have most often started and finished from High Lakes Trail West Access where the High Lakes Trail and Brown Mountain Trail intersect on the West side of the mountain.  But there is access from Fish Lake or from the south as well.

Realize Strava Segments are not official, but here is a Strava Segment for the Clockwise Loop from High Lakes Trail West Access

Historic Times:

After scanning through Strava segments going in both directions around the loop the following could be found.

The trail has been "Yo-Yo Doubled" (one way, then the other) by Nathan Stroh (supported) in 5:22:30 and Kedric Osborne (supported) in 5:44:21

For the multi-sport FKT enthusiast, a "Brown Mountain Duathlon" utilizing the longer mountain bike loop followed by running the standard runners loop could be simply and aesthetically fashioned.

Local Club: Klamath Trails Alliance - Donate to support more trails like this and the maintenance of this awesome loop!

Land Manager: USFS - Rogue River & Siskiyou Nat. Forest Office


~Submitted by Jason Hardrath (STRAVA, IG or FB)


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Shout-out to Amber Singh for going out and crushing this route with Kedric Osborne on October 31, 2021 in a blazing time of 2:32:49!