Route: Cache Dash Traverse (WY)

Wyoming, US
25.7 mi

The Cache Dash is a 26.5 mile horse shoe route, following the ridge and tagging the high points above the town of Jackson and Cache Creek canyon, starting up Josie's Ridge and ending by descending Crystal Butte at the Nelson Trail Head. The Cache Dash begins at Garaman Park and ascends Josie's Ridge. From Josie's Ridge you link to the Skyline Trail until it intersects Game Creek Trail, at which point you begin the off trail bushwhacking section to gain the ridge again. The route continues east off trail (occasionally crossing game/wilderness trails), ascending the south side of Cache Peak (midway point) and curving back west along the high points towards Crystal Butte. The route finishes by joining the trail above Crystal Butte and descending down to the Nelson Trail Head. There is roughly 10,000 feet of elevation gain, 12 miles on trail, and 14.5 miles of off trail and bushwhacking. It's a gorgeous route with amazing views of the Gros Ventre and Teton Ranges and wilderness. There is some rough bushwhacking on both the south side and north side of the horse shoe. The crux is towards the end between Nowlin Peak and Crystal Butte as the ridge line begins to flatten out in a heavy forested area. Waypoints help. It is bear and mountain lion territory so be aware.

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