Route: Camino de Santiago (Spain)


The Camino de Santiago consists of a set of pilgrimage routes that have existed for over 1,000 years. The routes have various starting points, but all end at the Cathedral of Santiago de Campostela in northwestern Spain. The pilgrimage is undertaken by tens of thousands every year.

Wikipedia says "Traditionally, as with most pilgrimages, the Way of Saint James [Camino de Santiago] began at one's home and ended at the pilgrimage site. However a few of the routes are considered main ones."

Regarding FKTs, there appears to be quite a bit of controversy about this, with various reports that seem to have sketchy verification, which has been outlined on our old website.  As always, we recommend people announce their intentions in advance, and carry satellite (or cell phone) trackers with the tracks being made available in real time to an independent third party.

Some of the controversy was outlined by a poster on 4/7/2014:

there's been a huge controversy in Spain's ultra-running circles and social media since November 2013 when this guy ( allegedly did the Camino de Santiago (Roncesvalles - Santiago) in 5d 17h. Source: (in Spanish).

According to what he said to the media, he originally departed from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France and finished his so-called "challenge" in Finisterre, Spain (890km and 14500m+ gain) in 6d 18h 22m. He said he carried a 30-kilo backpack to make the whole thing on an unsupported fashion. Source: (in Spanish).

He didn't report stamps from any stopover on the Camino but the last one in Finisterre (which is given to anyone who claims to have walked from Santiago to Finisterre). Nor he provided any GPS track. During his Camino, there was no way on his website or anywhere else to follow him as no On-the-Spot GPS tracker was used.

There's a whole lot of additional info about this story here (in Spanish), for those interested:

By the way, the FKT is said to be held by Alfredo Uria, a very well-known ultra-distance runner, who did Roncesvalles - Santiago in 6d 16h in 2007. Source: (in Spanish).

Another remarkable time is held by Fernanda Maciel, who did it in 2012 from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in just over 10 days. Source: plus Video and Interview with split times and stages (in Spanish).

42.8782132, -8.5448445


Special mention to Agnieszka Pamula, who missed the FKT by just about 10 hours, July 14-23, 2019.

Hello, Why is not there Marcio Villar (Brasil) and last one Miguel Mataix (Spain)? That did it in August 2018 in 6d and 10 h.

Thank you