Route: Catskills Devil Path - the "other" 9 (NY)

Submitted by J_Limone on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 02:53pm
New York, US
30.72 mi
Vertical Gain
11,535 ft

Tom and I met at Platte Clove road and shuttled over to Shaft Road, bushwacking the first two peaks (Sherill and North Dome).

Afterwards, we proceeded to the actual trail. For the day, we hit the following peaks (in this order): 

* Sherill 

* North Dome 

* Westkill 

* Southwest Hunter

* Hunter

* Plateau

* Sugarloaf

* Twin 

* Indian Head 

Ending at Platte Clove Road

We resupplied water along the way using the springs available on the trail, unsupported.

GPS Track