Route: Clarendon Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by ultrarunner_jh on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 08:16am
United Kingdom
42 km
Vertical Gain
674 m

The Clarendon Way is a recreational footpath in Hampshire and Wiltshire, England. It starts near the River Avon at Salisbury Cathedral and ends beside the waters of the River Itchen in the centre of Winchester. The path passes through the Clarendon Estate and close to the 12th century ruins of Clarendon Palace.



GPS Track


I’m planning on potentially giving this a go next week but note it doesn’t follow part of the way marked Clarendon way (as per the OS map). The particular section is from Kilham lane through Pitt to Oliver’s battery in Winchester. I take it that shouldn’t matter as I think the official route is slightly longer. Any thoughts much appreciated!