Route: Colvin, Blake, Nippletop, Dial, Bear Den Loop (NY)

New York, US
16 mi
Vertical Gain
7,000 ft

Brian Sodaro submitted this 16 mile, 5-summit loop in the Adirondacks:

From Hikers Parking on RT 73, Follow the road to the Ausable Club. From the Ausable Club, head along the Lake Road to the Gil Brook Trail (not the cutoff). Ascent Colvin, then Blake, then re-ascend Colvin, drop down to Elkhead Pass and ascend Nippletop. From there, take the Leach trail over Dial, Bear Den and Noonmark Shoulder, finally completing the loop by retracing your path down the Lake Road, and out to the Hikers Parking lot off Rt 73.

Rob Rives added some notes:
1. Low down on Gil Brook, there is a split - you can choose the "Scenic" route or the "Easy" route. Naturally, I took the scenic route and you should too.
2. I think starting and ending the clock at the ranger station/hiker sign-in is more logical than at the St. Hubert's parking area, as this is more consistent with other routes in the region (and no one wants to sign in or chat with a ranger while the clock is running).

NOTE:  The FKT begins and ends at the Ranger Station / hiker sign as per Robert Rives description.