Route: Devil's Path - Long Path - Escarpment Trail (NY)

Submitted by Yung Cohen on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 04:00pm
New York, US
55.63 mi
Vertical Gain
19,385 ft

This route starts on Devil's Path in West Kill, NY.  The goal is to run the entire Devil's Path, then hop on the Long Path to connect to the Escarpment Trail.  Then the goal would be to run the entire Escarpment Trail and finish in Elm Ridge Wild Forest.  The route may be run in either direction.  This course is about 56 miles with around 19,385 ft. of very technical elevation gain.  Devils Path and the Escarpment Trail take up most of the Northeastern Catskill region and they are known to be some of the hardest trails in New York State.  There have been a lot of FKT attempts on Devil's Path and the Escarpment trail, but not on both combined.

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It's worth noting that the Manitou's Revenge course follows this route for the first ~40 miles before turning south at the summit of Plateau Mountain, following the Long Path to Phoenicia.

This FKT route appears to have a bit more elevation gain than Manitou's, whose course record is held by Andy Vermilyea at 10:47:21.