Route: Flume Liberty Loop (NH)

New Hampshire, US
9.1 mi

Ben Nephew posted the route:

This is the lower loop on the Franconia Ridge which summits Mount Flume and Mount Liberty. It is a 10.5 mile route with 4300' of climb that starts on the White House trail, ascends the Flume Slide trail to the Franconia Ridge and the summits of Flume and Liberty, and descends the Liberty Springs trail. The single track leading up to the Flume Slide is incredibly fun. Flume Slide itself is a relentless scramble (1300' of climb in a half mile) that requires a good amount of focus to find good traction. Unlike the higher Franconia Ridge loop that includes a section of exposed ridge, there is little exposure between Flume and Liberty, but it is still a great section of runnable trail with excellent views from the summits. Liberty Springs is a fast descent in most conditions, despite the fact that it loses 1500' in a mile.

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