Route: Georgia Death Loop (GA)

Georgia, US

This is a 70 loop route utilizing the Coosa [Loop] Trail, Duncan Ridge Trail, Benten Mackaye Trail, and the Appalachian Trail.  Note that this is different from the shorter Georgia Loop.

FKT set by Brad Goodridge on 2 March 2014. FKT: 29 hours, 30 minutes

Loop description
Start time: Midnight
Start location: Vogel State Park VC steps
Finish location: same as start
Self supported
Aid points:
1) Mulky Gap
2) BMT at Hwy 60
3) Hightower Gap
4) Gooch Gap
Mileage: ~70 miles
Trails used: Coosa [Loop] Trail, Duncan Ridge Trail, Benton Mackaye Trail, and the AT

34.6812019, -83.9951906