Route: Great Dividing / Goldfields Track (Australia)

Victoria, AU

The Great Dividing Trail is "a community-planned 209km public walking trail following the top of the Great Dividing Range from Bacchus Marsh to Blackwood, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Bendigo, Creswick, Ballarat and Buninyong, allows recreational walkers and tourists the time to savour central Victoria's unique combination of gold rush heritage and its natural beauty. Created by a community-owned organisation, the Great Dividing Trail Association (GDTA), the Trail links the old gold rush towns at the heart of Victoria, as well as the forests, hills and lakes, straddling the Australian Great Dividing Range." (from The Great Dividing Trail Assosication)

The GDT has 4 major segments laid out in a Y shape with Daylesford being the central point.  The 3 major sections between Bendigo and Ballarat/Buniyong are being refered to as the Goldfields Track.  Another logical option would be from Bacchus Marsh to Bendigo.