Route: Mount Rundle Circumnavigation - 'Round Rundle (AB, Canada)

Submitted by brandonruns on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 06:54pm
Alberta, CA
41.2 km
Vertical Gain
756 m

Mount Rundle is one of the most iconic mountains in Canada's Banff National Park and overlooks the towns of Banff and Canmore, Alberta. Mt. Rundle actually extends for over 12 kilometers on the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway eastward from Banff to Canmore with seven distinct peaks along the way.

The idea behind 'Round Rundle is to have the fastest time circumnavigating Mt. Rundle (the entire mountain "range"). Start anywhere and end at the same spot you started (no going over the mountain). The GPX file details one possible route (the shortest known route) around Mt. Rundle however there is more than one way of getting around the mountain. Pick your path and go!

GPS Track