Route: Mt Garfield (CO)

Colorado, US
1.7 mi

Mt. Garfield is a very prominent outcrop in the Little Book Cliff mountains just to the north of interstate 70 between Grand Junction and Palisade, Colorado and is an outstanding Ascent to a summit with a powerful view of the Grand Valley.  The trailhead is readily visible 200 meters from the Interstate and can be found on Google Maps. The standard route is a 2 mile hike from the trailhead to the summit with an elevation gain of about 2000 feet.  There used to be a race(!) called the Garfield Grumble; it went up the trail shown here but descended to the west on a trail that is completely gone.

The ascent has a Strava segment.

The round trip has a few Strava Segments including this one showing a CR of 41:27.

Ted Leblow posted to our old site on 7/1/2017:

Below is a list of the fastest known times for the Mount Garfield Ascent. We have run this as part of the Warrior Summer Running Club the past three summers. The start is at the Mount Garfield Trail Head sign in the dirt parking lot just under I-70. The route is approximately 1.9 miles and you climb 1,900 feet to the finish at the flag pole at the top of Mount Garfield. Please feel free to post any other fastest known times. Again this is just for the ascent only. We do not time the descent as it can be pretty dangerous. I kept this list to those who have run sub 40 minutes. [Note that Strava lists some faster times than these.]

1. Jared Leblow - 28:00 (2016)(Men's FKT)
2. Jared Leblow - 28:25 (2017)
3. Talon Berta - 29:50 (2017)
4. Jared Leblow - 30:50 (2015)
5. Tyman Smart - 30:55 (2017)
6. Reuben Smart - 31:35 (2016)
7. David Cardenas - 31:48 (2017)
8. Tyman Smart - 32:15 (2016)
9. Reuben Smart - 33:35 (2017)
10. Ted Leblow - 34:08 (2016)
11. Jordan Leblow - 36:43 (2017)
12. Jared McClain - 37:00 (2017)
13. Hunter Prather - 37:13 (2017)
14. Ivory Espinoza - 37:16 (2017)(Women's FKT)
15. Brian Kearns - 37:26 (2017)
16. Ted Leblow - 37:30 (2015)
17. Ted Leblow - 37:32 (2017)

GPS Track


On November 29th, 2014, I completed the ascent of Mount Garfield from trailhead to summit in 25:28. I did not wear a GPS watch or have any witnesses.