Route: Mt Washington (NH)

New Hampshire, US
3.33 mi
Vertical Gain
4,254 ft

There are many routes on Mt Washington. The main route here is for ascent via the Lions Head Trail from Pinkham Notch, which has a Strava segment. The Variation on this page is for Tuckerman Ravine, which is mostly the same, except for the route out of the cirque.

"The Tuckerman Ravine route is more popular and more gradual, while Lions Head is slightly less overall distance. Lion head has a steep section that gets you above the headwall before Tucks does and then has a flat section from Lions Head to the start of the rockpile. My guess would be Tuckerman’s is slightly faster for someone that likes to run as much of the trail as possible. Tucks is not open until middle of July whereas Lion Head is clear of snow much earlier in the year."

- Brian Mccullough

There are also foot and bicycle races up the 7.6mi auto road, starting from near Pinkham Notch.

Mount Washington (6288') is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, north of North Carolina, and south of Ellesmere Island in North America. It is also one of most popular hiking, backcountry skiing, alpine climbing and ice climbing destinations in New England. It is located in northern New Hampshire just west of NH SR-16 between North Conway (to the south) and Gorham. Although not high in altitude by western US standards, it is not to be taken lightly; more deaths have occurred on Mount Washington than any other mountain in the US (150).  It is known as the "Home of the World's Worst Weather" and for many years was the world record holder for the fastest measured wind speed: 231 mph on April 12, 1934.


GPS Track


A few notes on my Mt. Washington times for anyone that is interested.

On 7/30/09 I ran 59:35 up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the summit. This was before I consistently ran w/ GPS. I ran a 2:31 at the Pikes Peak Ascent a few weeks later. From my log: "Hard tempo up Mt. Washington via Tuckerman Ravine Trail, 4.2 miles in 59:35, hard effort, ran all the way to the bottom of the Bowl (+/-3 miles) in 36:00, ½ running ½ speed hiking to summit. About 7 minutes faster than my time from last summer, 7.5 down on auto road and trail, 11.6 total, 4250 ft gain. Only 5 people have ever run the road race under 60 mins. I might be the first by trail!"

Mt. Washington Round Trip: On 4/3/14 I ran 1:47:31 up and down the winter Lion Head Route. From my Strava log: "Awesome day on the mountain! About 15 degrees at the summit. Footing was pretty good. 1:07:21 (PR) up, 2:27 near the summit to throw a coat on, and 37:45 down. Not sure many people have ever been up and down Washington under 2 hours, skis or not. Wore Kahtoolas."

Kevin if you want the round trip registered as FKT you are welcome to submit, as we now have round trip variations.