Route: North Dorset Trailway (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom
20.6 km
Vertical Gain
100 m

North Dorset Trailway, between Sturminster Newton and Spetisbury.  About 14 miles.  The Trailway is largely made up of sections of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway which linked Bristol and Bournemouth until the 1960s.  The North Dorset Trailway Network aims to extend the trail, so the route may change.

GPS Track


Currently the Trailway stops at Surminster Newton / Spetisbury. I'll explore the section further North, but as far as I'm aware the extension is still currently a proposal.

This will make a fun one way or out & back challenge for us locals!

Hey Jon,

Thinking about giving this route a go Sunday for the one way, the start is up in Sturminster Newton and finish in Spetisbury? 

Thanks, Luke