Route: Oxford Ramblers Jubilee Walk (United Kingdom)

Submitted by mordov01 on Fri, 11/05/2021 - 11:44am
United Kingdom
9.67 mi
Vertical Gain
554 ft

Description as provided in Oxford Ramblers pamphlet:

"Introduction: The full Jubilee Walk starts and finishes on the River then climbs gradually to Boars Hill, from where one can enjoy the vision of the city of 'dreaming spires' made famous by Matthew Arnold.

To safeguard these views the Oxford Preservation Trust purchased Matthew Arnold’s Field and other land. Sir Arthur Evans, Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum erected a great mound to enable people to see the view over the tree tops, the name of which, Jarn Mound, was taken from the old name of nearby Jarns Heath.

In spite of modern dwellings and highways, obtrusive pylons and the noise of today’s mechanical life, there remains great variety of natural beauty, scenic value, and historic interest in this special Oxford countryside.

The walk became beloved by generations of City and University walkers. It was formally inaugurated in June 1985 by the Oxford Ramblers in conjunction with Oxfordshire County Council, marking the 50th anniversary of the Ramblers Association."


In alignment with routes that will usually be accepted:

  • The route is clearly established and is widely popular already; it includes signage at key points
  • The route is special in the variety of terrain it features (paths by the river, hill ascents and descents, countryside with cows and sheep) and captures the beauty of Oxfordshire. In particular, runners and walkers can see the views that inspired Matthew Arnold. 


  • Page 3 of the pamphlet details 24 points of interest along the route
  • Ramblers volunteers work to keep paths safe and clear 
  • Another established map is shown here
  • The route provides a good stepping stone to runners and walkers who are interested in the Oxford Green Belt Way


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Posting intention to attempt the route tomorrow as a two-person female team in a counter-clockwise loop. It is possible that sheep may join us for a few meters!