Route: Pewsey Avon Trail (United Kingdom)

Submitted by ultrarunner_jh on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 02:38am
United Kingdom
29 mi
Vertical Gain
72 m

This new (2010) long distance walking route follows the course of the River Avon by linking existing rights of way from Pewsey to Salisbury. In Salisbury the trail connects to the existing 34-mile Avon Valley Path 

GPS Track
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Weather permitting I am intending on attempting this route on Friday 24th September, and possibly the Test Way on the 26th!

Good luck for both of those! I enjoyed the PAT but I couldn't find the trail properly at the start so i'd like to go back and give it another go now i've seen someone else do it and highlight where I went wrong. The Test Way is fun too. Enjoy!!