Route: Portsea Island Loop (United Kingdom)

Submitted by lou2794 on Thu, 02/18/2021 - 05:31am
United Kingdom
27.7 km
Vertical Gain
29 m

Portsea Island Loop

The Portsea Island loop is a popular 27 km (16.74 miles) circular route around the perimeter of Portsea Island. The route is circular in nature so can be started (and finished) at any point on the loop and can be ran in either direction due to the complete lack of elevation. It is a mix of coastal paths and tarmac and despite being the perimeter of a busy city, it is still scenic and passes several notable landmarks, nature reserves, a castle and the seafront.


Starting in the North of the Island, going clockwise; the route follows Hilsea military lines (known as Foxes forest), onto the Eastern Road where once across the road the route hugs the coastline on a trail path where it joins the pretty Milton Locks Nature Reserve, crossing the small footbridge will lead you down onto the infamous “muddy beach” (this section is not passable at high tide), then up onto Ferry Road before turning around at the Hayling Ferry. A left turn after Fort Cumberland will take you across the common then down onto Eastney beach for a short stretch before joining the promenade for the entirety of Eastney & Southsea seafront. Following the Millenium promenade pathway you will pass through the Old Portsmouth then down into Spice Island, remaining on the trail will take you into Gunwharf Quays, to the base of the Spinnaker tower then out onto the Hard. Unfortunately, a large portion of the West of Portsea Island is contained within Portsmouth Naval Base and the International Port and is not accessible by the public. The route instead follows the Dockyard wall (which is itself a listed building!) past the port, past Whale Island (which isn’t part of Portsea Island, being an Island in its own right) and onto a brief shoreline path before turning left for a loop of Tipner Common, crossing at the roundabout and through the housing estate will bring you onto the coastal path, emerging by a bridge which will return you to your start point.


There are numerous free carparks along the route

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