Route: Rideau Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA

Note this is different from the Rideau Canal !

Derrick Spafford posted:

The Rideau Trail is a 300km trail that runs from Ottawa to Kingston the features technical trail, but is also linked together by road and paved path. The Fastest Known Time on the trail is:

Time: 83h31m
Year: 1983
Name: Bob Tysen
Rideau Trail Website: 

The trail has changed some since 1983 with some sections (some harder/some easier, some shorter/some longer), but the distance is essentially the same and should still be considered close enough to that of 1983 for FKT purposes.


Note that the trail was also run as an 11-woman relay, as posted by Gemma Kitchen:

The Wild Bruce Chase, made up of 11 women (this FKT), set the women's relay fastest known time on the Rideau Trail. The Wild Bruce Chase completed the continuous, end-to-end run in 34 hours 40 minutes. The trail's length is 328 kms. The Wild Bruce Chase started on July 1, 2017 at the North Terminus (Ottawa) and ended on July 2, 2017 at the Southern Terminus (Kingston).

Here's an article on our adventure:

44.248084, -76.5349942


I am intending to run / hike the Rideau Trail, solo with support (occasional food and water resupplies, planned rest period in Smiths Falls, Ontario) from the South Terminus in Kingston, Ontario to the North Terminus in Ottawa, Ontario (approx. 328 km) on or about 28 JUNE 2020, in an attempt to set a supported FKT.  I'll let you know how it goes...

Good afternoon, giving it another try:

I am intending to run / hike the Rideau Trail, solo with support (occasional food and water resupplies, planned rest period in Smiths Falls, Ontario) from the South Terminus in Kingston, Ontario to the North Terminus in Ottawa, Ontario (approx. 328 km) on or about 05 SEPTEMBER 2020, in an attempt to set a supported FKT.

link to my tracker:

Martin Coulombe

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Hi Martin, 

Nice effort! I'd love to ask you a few questions about the trail as this attempt is also on my list. If you see this post, could you please reach out. 

Thank you!!! 

Good luck, over two marathons a day, 4 km per hour non stop with 11 hours rest. Fingers crossed the weather works out for you. That Bob record it's time it gets beat. Go get em Martin. 

P.s. that gould lake section is rough




2020 Rideau trail member


Jamieson Hatt and I (Chantal Demers) will be started a self-supported effort early tomorrow, September 23rd as a mix-gender team. 

Hi RKT enthusiasts!

I am declaring my intention to hike the Rideau Trail from the South Terminus (Kingston) to the North Terminus (Ottawa / 328+ km ...) beginning on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

I will be doing the hike self-supported and solo, relying on supplies obtained along the way according to FKT rules. Not sure how speedy this will be, but looking forward to time on the trail in the fall colours along the way. 

I am extremely grateful for the tips and supportive messages from Martin and Chantal after their journeys, and I have notified Bob about my attempt (but his record will probably still stand after this weekend is over)

I will be using Strava (for tracking / safety beacon) and will also be verifying using my Garmin, and will post a report after the conclusion of this adventure, whether successful or not ;)

Happy thanksgiving weekend, turkeys!




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Hi Rideau Trail people,     I love that people declare to try this trail end to end in the shortest time. There is something old fashioned and noble about making such a declaration. Well it’s my turn to state my intention, and it is to start in Kingston RT early on morning of June 30,2021…and try to be at the RT end in Ottawa by the evening of July 2,2021.   I’ve just discovered Strava, and will try to document the success. If you are placing bets, it’s not in my favour …the heat, potential thunderstorms, deer flies (especially!!), and about 25 extra covid pounds…all suggest a difficult quest. My wife who is finishing her final section in Ottawa on July 2, knows well the challenge over the past several weeks fir her…and is likely waiting for my pickup call on day 1!  But we will see. I am doing the hike as a kind of reflection on the Residential school missing children..the RIdeau Trail orange markers are a reminder of each child I pass (I just hope I can find them all and not get lost). It’s a different way to spend Canada Day.  I think I’ll try to drop some water at points on Tuesday. I’ll try to get maybe to Bedford Mills (Westport seems too far), and maybe Smiths Falls on day2. Then see how far I go on day 3 if still standing. Yep, maybe not the most thing I’ve planned for…but my mind is ready for hard.    Will update later.  Terry.    Oh, and thanks for the extended email comments from Martin..some good hints in there. Much appreciated.

Howdy folks!

I'm taking a crack at the supported FKT for the Rideau Trail beginning on Thursday Oct. 7th at 8:00 am. I'll be going north to south (Ottawa to Kingston).

You can follow my GPS tracker (updated every 10 minutes) here:

I'll post an update here and on Strava afterwards ( If you're interested in my training, I have some videos about this build on my YouTube channel ( My email address is

Bob's record is older than I am; I'm looking forward to giving it a good shot.


Hi all,

I was able to get it done! My time was around 64 hours 38 minutes. I had amazing weather the whole time and no major navigational issues (though a few places where I realized I missed a turn and had to backtrack a bit). I slept about an hour in total, but I’ll do a write-up with more of the details when I have more energy.

I’m submitting my files to FKT and hopefully it’s verified soon. The two runs are on my Strava page.