Route: San Jacinto via White Maiden's Walkway & Tahquitz Ridge (CA)

Submitted by Travis.Soares on Thu, 10/07/2021 - 07:52pm
California, US
17 mi
Vertical Gain
6,500 m

This route consists of reaching three summits. Tahquitz Rock & Peak, Mt. San Jacinto, and Suicide Rock. They are located on opposite sides of a bowlike ridgeline and combining them makes for an excellent adventure. I suppose this linkup could be considered a "triple crown" of the Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks area. I'll go ahead an say it: if you are into mountaineering, rock climbing, ridge running, bushwacking, and trail running then this is a must do route! Also there are some crazy big trees out there!

The route begins at the Humber Park trailhead sign, however you bypass the trail and find the climbers path up Tahquitz Rock climbing area. White Maiden's Walkway is rated at 5.4 but daaaang. It ascends the middle of the feature for roughly 800ft and was first climbed by Jim Smith and Arthur Johnson in August 1937. All I will say is that it is high quality!

From the top of WMW don't forget to hit the summit of Tahquitz Rock! Then follow the ridgeline up to the Tahquitz Peak proper. I'd recommend staying true to the ridgeline if you want full value climbing quality. It may be a tad slower but hey, we do this to have fun right? (riiiiiight)

Well you've reached Tahquitz Peak yippee! Congratulations you are probably tired from all the scrambling but guess what? You have only gone 1.5 miles, 15 more to go! Enjoy the trail running to the top of Mt. San Jacinto, and don't forget to take in the view! (yeah right, you better keep moving if you want that record)

From San Jacinto your final summit is Suicide Rock, once you've hit that find your way back to the Humber Park Trailhead!