Route: Smugglers' Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by RobMills on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 08:55am
United Kingdom
36 mi
Vertical Gain
1,563 m

The Smugglers' Way is a coast to coast route across Cornwall Between Boscastle on the North Coast and Looe on the South Coast and visits landmarks made famous by Cornwall's smuggling heritage. 

The Smugglers' Way is the creation of Frank Squibb of Falmouth, who walked it in 1994 and published three editions of his guide booklet.

Not only linking two coastlines, inland you also top the highest points in ancient the ancient county of Kernow (Cornwall) on the wild and imposing tor of Brown Willy and the eerie rock sculptures of Rough Tor both high on the bleak and mysterious expanse of Bodmin Moor.

The Smugglers Way takes you down forgotten drove roads and ancient lanes mixed with testing sections of wild and open moorland walking. Either side of Bodmin Moor deserted, hidden river trails follow stunning and unspoilt forested valleys and pasture as you follow the waters gushing off the high ground and charging down to the sea.

For the actual crossing of the Moor navigational skills would be essential. 


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Hi Lee & Sarah. Considering having a crack at this if I can get down to Cornwall this summer. Interested in your experience of navigation, in particular over the moor. I'll have the route gps loaded to my watch (& phone as back-up) for navigation. Will this work, or is the signal no good up there? Unfortunately I won't have a chance to recce. Thanks!