Route: Trinity Trail (TX)

Texas, US
23.34 mi
Vertical Gain
1009 ft

The Lavon Lake Trinity Trail is over 30 years old, and runs along the West shores of Lavon Lake through Lucas, from Wylie to Fairview. It is primarily an equestrian trail, but is also open to hikers and trail runners. It's not a very difficult trail, but there are times of the year when the lake covers part of the trail, and there is usually thick mud in long sections, particularly on the north side. The map on the website lists the trail as 25.5 miles, but the mileage markers on their own map dispute that. My GPS watch is very accurate, and it only measured as just under 23, which I think is more accurate. There are several small stream crossings and some downed trees blocking the trail. The highlight of the trail is on the far north loop, where you'll find the largest tree in the state of Texas. Very few people know it exists, and it is a marvel to behold in person. Be on the lookout for hogs, snakes, lots of horse tracks and lots of mud!

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